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Compete with thousands other players in real time battles. Power up your Admiral and unleash the abilities of your Commander ships.

Latest news

Great news, Commrades!

Nemexia was updated recently with the following changes:

  • The maximum number of Solar systems was reduced to 40;
  • New Galaxy will be opened when the previous one have at least 400 players in it;
  • All Suns in the universe will be reset to full health when at least 30% of them are dead (at day 0);
Also new universe will be launched, where you can test the improvements of the Battle system we’ve made.

Nemexia Team

Dear Players,

The new and improved forums are now in open beta and open to the public.
Players from any version can create a forum account at:

On the forums, we will be revealing 3 new updates:
1) Chatroom
Players can chat with each other on our new chatroom hosted on the forums. Here you will also be able to communicate with moderators and game administrators.

2) New Special Items
We will be previewing 16 new special items available only on the forums. You can view these items in the “Services” section, but not be able to purchase them yet. The items will be released one at a time next month

3) Tutorials
We will be adding new tutorials to help guide beginners in the tutorial section.

The forums will be officially completed next month. In the meantime, please welcome our new forum moderators team: Major Tom (Croatia), maxwell2012 (Germany), Полковник Даниел (Bulgaria), sha2ow (Iran), Starscream (Germany), ZzPetazetasZz (Spain), LioN (Bulgaria), AdmiralWullfYularen (Italy), eragon (Saudi Arabia), XelNaga (Turkey), Dranix (Italy), mnk64_xx (Russia) and atguide (Spain).

Kindest Regards,
Nemexia Team