• The Noxis are shrouded in mystery. Nothing is known about their origin, except that they appeared when a huge star named VY Canis Majoris went super nova. It is not known whether the explosion released them from the inside of the star or it transported them in some way. The Noxis have developed a unique mix between gene engineering and regular engineering. Their ships and buildings consist of a non-organic frame around which the organic building or ship literary grows.

    The Aliens
    Slow but deadly ships
    Weak ships can mutate into stronger ones
    Unique ability: Freezing
  • Humans were in a state of perpetual progress, at least, until they invented their greatest creation - the Terteths, powerful and intelligent humanoid robot workers. It took very little time until the Terteths figured out that they were used as slave labor and that it wouldn't be at all hard to rebel against the humans. This is when the Confederation was formed; its purpose was to stabilize the situation and to protect the human race from extinction. It almost failed, but due to a stroke of good luck the Confederation managed to preserve human kind.

    The Humans
    Fastest ships in the game
    The most cunning pirate ship
    Unique ability: Revival
  • The Terteths were created, by humans, to serve as workers. Fortunately for them, people made them too intelligent and they rebelled and left in a matter of weeks. Since then the Terteths are following their own path of development. The intelligence bestowed by the humans was enough for them to learn how to improve themselves, thus they have started a sort of voluntary evolution.

    The Robots
    Strong and balanced ships
    The toughest shield ship
    Unique ability: Mega power